TLS Group Weight Loss Program

I have been going to Body Smart since March of 2013.  My interest in personal training is what drew me in.  Then, I was introduced to the TLS Weight Management Program.  That was the beginning of the end of my wanting to live an unhealthy lifestyle!  I signed up for personal training with Lisa and TLS Group Weight Loss Classes with Elizabeth.  My experience with both ladies individually has been amazing; and together they make the perfect team!  Since I started working with them, I have lost 52 lbs, almost 9 inches off of my waist, as well as, about 7% body fat.  In addition, I am wearing clothing sizes I have not looked at in years!”
I have tried many weight loss programs in the past.  Many were successful.  However, I needed a program that was designed to change the way I was living my life.  TLS is just that.  It provides you with the information and tools to change the way you look at food and how you fuel your body.  The knowledge that Elizabeth and Lisa provide me on nutrition helps keep me focused on how to continue toward my journey of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”
My experience with various gyms and trainers is probably almost just as extensive as my experience with diets.  I was never the type of person who loved to workout.   Lisa helped to change that!  I look forward to my workouts with her because they are never the same!  She uses creative alternatives to what I consider to be some of the more boring “typical” gym workouts.  She teaches me to focus on my form, encourages me to push myself to a new level, and motivates me to want to continue to see what my body and mind are capable of!  Her dedication and expertise are literally helping me to reshape my body!”
Together, the TLS program and the personal training are phenomenal.  However, I truly feel that the body and soul (Elizabeth and Lisa) behind them both are what make them so!  They bring the energy and life to make Body Smart what it truly is–a place where you can learn to implement lifestyle changes that work for you!  They listen to how you live your life, what you’re willing to change, and create a plan designed to fit your needs instead of giving you a generic plan that you know you will only follow for the short-term! Body Smart is the place to go if you’re looking to change your life in a positive way!  I know I am so thankful to be a part of their community!”
Caren Chaplik Kangas, Shelton, CT