Lecture/Seminar Approach

BodySmart’s lectures/seminars will teach you how to eat better and live healthier to achieve and maintain balance though healthy living. Ms. Reed brings her experience as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Human Nutrition at the University of Bridgeport to her audiences. Learn how to achieve a healthy lifestyle though proper eating habits, understand dietary supplements, read labels, shop for groceries and create an exercise program that will work for you. A multi-disciplinary teaching approach will be used to look at all factors that influence the body and mind in a series of lectures. She will teach you how to take control of your body to feel stronger, younger and healthier and to be in control of creating your own anti-aging destiny. Knowledge Is Golden; become a participant as Ms Reed teaches you how to stay healthy, not just to your “golden” years, but well into your “platinum” years with a healthy body and mind.

Seinmar Details

Pre payment and registration for all seminars is required. Seminars are purely informational in nature to educate the public on proper nutrition and exercise.
Up-coming seminar topics will be chosen from suggestions from the groups who attend these sessions.


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Upcoming Lectures/Seminars

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