Nutritional Consultation Services

Introductory Complementary Session (15-20 minutes) No Charge.

This visit is to determine a potential client’s need and if it would be necessary to first meet with your medical professional before booking the first appointment. If not, then an appointment is booked and the client will leave with paperwork to complete prior to arriving for the initial consultation.

Consultation (90 minutes)

The initial consultation allows BodySmart to develop a complete profile of your needs, lifestyle, and objectives, as well as outline any required diagnostic testing. You will need to bring the following completed materials: client health intake form, 2-day food diary, and recent blood laboratory work. Based on the information gathered, a BodySmart clinical nutritionist will research your case and design your individualized nutritional program to present at your first
follow-up meeting.

First Follow-up Consultation (60 minutes)

A BodySmart clinical nutritionist will review your program in detail, answer related questions, and provide the tools you will need for optimal compliance.
Your program will include:
    • An eating plan with menu suggestions
    • A nutritional supplement plan with recommended dosages, if applicable
    • Educational materials to help you succeed.

Review of Metabolic Testing (as needed) (60 minutes)

In some cases regular blood work is not enough to determine underlying metabolic issues. In these rare cases it may be necessary to perform specialized metabolic tests. We will supply you with the appropriate test kits from Metametrix Clinical Laboratories for completion and processing. Clients are responsible for paying the test processing fee directly to the laboratory. Completed test results are then sent to BodySmart for interpretation and presentation to the client and development of a personalized nutritional protocol.

Additional Follow-up Consultations (20 minutes)

During these sessions we will review your progress, refine your program accordingly, and offer any guidance you may need to ensure optimal results.

Annual Check-Up Review (50 minutes)

A BodySmart clinical nutritionist will review recent lab work, diagnostic testing, updated medical history, lifestyle changes, and objectives. Based on the information gathered your program will be updated appropriately with menu suggestions, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle enhancement suggestions.

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