Private Nutrition

My husband and I worked with Elizabeth on both Nutrition and Exercise.  We are middle aged and our weights were creeping up and we wanted to get control of it before it impacted our health.  She developed a nutrition and exercise plan that was unique to each of us.   The food plan consisted of foods that we like, it was easy to follow and very manageable for our busy lifestyle.   In addition, she reviewed our blood work, reviewed it with us in detail and created a personalized nutritional and supplement plan for our specific metabolic needs.  We were extremely impressed with her knowledge and her ability to explain our blood laboratory work in terms that we understood.    We are very grateful to Elizabeth Reed, we have been able to carry forward these changes and have an overall healthier lifestyle.”
Loretta and Robert Lesko, Shelton, CT
lineBody Smart was recommended by a friend and after my first visit I knew why!  Not only do I get to train in studio that is clean and private, but also learn about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  I could never go back to another gym. The quality of service Elizabeth offers is outstanding and I have improved my fitness and nutrition significantly.  I walk out of my session feeling energized and de-stressed from my day.”
Doreen Salvgano, Monroe, CT & Ft. Myers, FL
I have worked with Elizabeth over the last 6 years for both nutrition, and exercise.  Her thoroughness in customizing diet and exercise to accommodate my particular needs has been amazing and spot on.  She really knows how to develop a program and motivate me to get results.  Elizabeth is a true professional – all the answers all the time”
Shirley Baron, Bridgeport, CT
Being a yo-yo dieter for decades, I had a fear of the process of losing weight and a fear of failure. Would I not be able to follow a program because I would feel deprived? How much time would a program take in planning and meal preparation? Would I have to feed my family differently? Losing weight on my own over the years has always been followed by regains. Taking the plunge would mean running the risk of failure again.”
lineAfter meeting with Elizabeth Reed I finally made the decision to proceed and it was as if a burden was lifted off of my shoulders. I was given the tools to follow – concrete, measurable tools. We collaborated and she was very open to my suggestions if there was something that I didn’t like. I followed the personalized program designed for me and I lost the weight. I increased my exercise through walking alone, 30 to 45 minutes per day. There was no change to what my family ate. It was really that simple. I followed the plan and lost the weight. Three months later on my goal date I had met my initial goal of a 30 lb. weight loss. Four and a half years later I have maintained almost a 50 lb. weight loss and decreased my body fat by 16%. Elizabeth has provided me with support and encouragement and a wealth of nutritional information. She provides you with the skills to manage your weight successfully on your own for life.”
Diane Alves, Trumbull, CT
I went to Elizabeth four years ago because I needed to do something to learn how to eat right to get my body as lean as it can be.  She came highly recommended from friends.  It was the best decision I made.  She totally transformed me!  She put together a nutrition plan and taught me how to eat, and about all the mistakes I was making in my diet, where I originally thought I was eating so healthy.  She taught me how to balance exercise with my diet and the importance of the two together.  It was amazing!  She transformed my body.  I’m a new person.  I feel better, look better, and because of what Elizabeth taught me, I now know how to manage my diet for long term success.  I highly recommend her.”
Cheryl Brennan, Shelton, CT
“On July 21, 2009 Marie and I made our first nutritional visit to Elizabeth.  It was and continues to be a life changing experience.  Thank you.”
Charlie and Marie Agin, Holmes, NY (Previously Shelton, CT)
“With Elizabeth’s guidance I was able to lose ‘that’ 25 pounds I had been promising myself forever I would conquer. She was patient, instructive and supportive throughout the process; and the plan she established for me was easy to follow.”
Richard Meehan, Esq., Shelton, CT